About Us

Great Personalised Gifts

Signature Gifts, is a personalised gift company specialising in creative ideas in print. We create, develop and manufacture most of the gifts we sell, ensuring our products reach you in perfect condition.

Our range of personalised gifts are sold via many leading mail order and online retailers, however we can cater to all sizes of business.

Where we came from and what we do

Signature Gifts are gift suppliers to the trade who specialise in personalised gifts. We were founded in 2003 by Kevin Spindler and Mike Herbert, who were determined to use the growing power of the internet to exploit the personalised gift market.

Things very much went according to plan and we quickly made a name for ourselves as a leading gift supplier in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative personalised presents. This in-house policy continues to ensure our products reach you in perfect condition and is undoubtedly the key to our success.

A merger with Historic Newspapers – an established company in both the UK and the US – has also resulted in continued growth. As such, we now work with all of the main UK newspaper titles, the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, and the LA Times, who license us to reproduce their newspapers.

Today, we ship over 250,000 individual gifts every year, from premises in both the US and UK. Moreover, our trade gifts sell through a number of leading mail order and online retailers, as well as smaller retailers throughout the country.

Great Partnership

In 2013 Signature Gifts reinforced its position as the Premier Personalised Gift Company, by teaming up with Debbi Hancock, founder of PGUK, to create Signature PG (SPG), a separate company that focuses on ceramics, glassware, engraving and embroidery.

Together, Signature Gifts and Signature PG have become a one stop shop for all things personalised, and boast the largest range of personalised giftware in the UK. 

Currently, the company is developing a new portal system, going live later on this year, where the full ranges of everything Signature and SPG produce will be available in an online one stop shop.

Not only will this new site create an easy order system for one-off orders, customers can provide an Excel or CSV file for multiple orders. A new function will also be available which creates easy way for retailers to collect product information for listing products on their own sites. Images, retail prices, SKUs and even editorial copy will be available at the click of a button. 


Our Customer Service

We take a great deal of pride in our Customer Service. Our contact details are easily found on all of our websites. And our phone lines are always answered promptly because we don’t believe in annoying multiple touchtone options.

We also provide easily accessible facilities to further enhance our after-care service. These include our online tracking service, through which an order status can be checked, as well as a facility that allows customers to change their personalisation details after ordering.

It’s worth noting that because we create and manufacture the products ourselves, there’s always the assurance that we can solve issues quickly, without having to go through numerous third parties.


Our companies are currently located in three locations in the UK. Our SG Head Office is in Harpenden in Hertfordshire, our UK newspaper archive is in Wigtown in Scotland, and SPG is based in Stoke-on-Trent. 

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